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Women In Aviation | Work With Them Is Fun

Women In Aviation

Do not be surprised. On aviation-professional.net I used to write safety articles, but in this article, I am going to break my routine to let you enjoy reading . Our website is yours it's aiming at helping all of us to learn and update our knowledge.

The beginning was for me in a career in Yemen Airways in the year 2002, the company announced the existence of vacancies in the secretarial field and the jobs were for women at the time, except for a job as a secretary for security department, which was for men only. On the admission exam and the personal interview, I felt very ashamed of being the only man among the dozens of women who applied for the jobs advertised. I was accepted for the job and next to me, 12 jobs were accepted for women, and from here I started working with them, and I started to feel confident working with them from the beginning.


After 4 years, several jobs were announced for Flight Attendants, I applied with a large number of men and I was accepted. The number of men in air hospitality was very little compared to women.  Working with women was fun and a sense of emotion and I began to feel a family atmosphere.


Finally, I applied for  instructor job, and women were still around me in the same job. Women have the same capabilities as men. Working with them is fun and working with men can be a bit boring. I always see their pure smile as hope that lights up for a beautiful day, and if I don't find that smile, smile came  by little humor and fun..


What I mentioned is a fact, and to be honest with you I will tell you some of the stories that happened to me with them at work regardless of the behavior that I did at the time, but mistakes is  lessons for the future.

A lot of joking with them is a problem !!

I had a colleague and she was a (Tunisian) Air Stewardess. She was carrying a karate black belt and I was always joking with her.  On one of the flights I was busy in the aft galley [ aircraft kitchen] of the plane, I was arranging and securing cabin service equipment. She was near me and talking with us. Suddenly !! I received a box from her hand firmly in the abdomen until my body bowed from the severity of the box, my face completely changed from anger, and I looked at her she was laughing, I did not hold myself from the intensity of anger... It was far away from me, I tried to catch her, ran away and directed her a kick, at the same time, my colleague pulled my hand back, she was not kicked!!

Loudly, my colleague said to me, "Maged," she is a woman if you kicked her you might hurt her, and I replied to him, saying: I lost my temper because of the pain of being struck by woman stronger  than a man. Five minutes passed as if nothing had happened. But I took from her a promise not to joke with me that way and she agreed and it was the end of the story !!

By working with them, I have always noticed that they are positive at all times, but they may feel frustrated if they notice despair in the eyes of men around them, as soon as men spread hope around them, they see them shining in hope... So when women work together if there is no competition between them they are better of men.

Men Inspire women

On my first day as an instructor, I meet a woman working as a secretary in the training department. During our conversation, I found that she is holding all skills and qualifications to become a trainer. She was not confident of herself. I tolled here my first job was as same as yours but I did it. And you can do it like me . I gave her my plan and I draw her a training path. she did it two years after.

Avoid nervous women

It is advice from me, very few women at work maybe becoming nervous. Once, I had 4 women colleagues in the same job and the same office. Our relationship was good and most of the time we were joking and having fun. In time I was delegated as a manager. I stayed normal but the problem occurred, there was miss-understanding, one of them was so nervous that she raised her voice with great blame on me, she did not tell me what was the problem, even though I was not a party to the problem mainly, I did not like the way she spoke .. silence and I looked at her with looks that show I did not accept that behavior.

After some hours, she was alone  in the office, I went to her and angrily said to her, "Don't raise your voice at work, at home only," and hit my hand at the desk.

The next day, I opened the office and found her desk broken and the computer screen on the floor .. I laughed .. she was very angry after I left her the day before .. she hit the desk and broke it. she didn't came to work second day, I replaced the desk with another desk with the same specifications and color.

I came on the third day, and I looked at her with a smile indicating that I knew what she had done. Currently,  she is one of the most trusted  colleagues of mine.

Men support women in critical situations

On one of the flights on Airbus 320, severe weather occurred, one of the air hoste was in the cabin, after receiving a signal from the captain that it was severe turbulence, three air hostess sat on their jump seats and fasten their seat belts. I was worry about the flight attendant whom was in the cabin,   with a signal from my hand to her to sit on any empty passenger seat and fasten the seat belt, but she was not note that and kept going to the aft.. I noticed that she could not control herself while jogging back due to the severe turbulence when she was near to us, I unfasten my seat belt and intercepted her way and crashed into my chest forcefully to avoid collision with the galley metal interface, directly I set her on her jump seat.

I still remember when I was on the job interview for a cabin crew job, our instructor ask me a direct question, in an emergency,  if you see your colleague is fighting for survival what to do? I said I help him. He said even you might be die ? I said Yes.

I had experienced that situation in my real life to save two people, one died the second one survived. I did it. It was my end story in this life but two people pulled me up after I tight a rope around the second one who survived.

Women trust men

During the swimming exam, there was new air hostess who was not qualified in swimming, she sat next to me on the edge of the swimming pool and said "Maged, please help me swim because I do not know how to swim I will not pass this exam.  I will learn swimming in the future", and during the exam, the pool was full of new flight attendants, and I was one of them.  I swam In front of her and pulling her forward by life jacket until I pushed her over the life raft .. months after, I used to teach her to swim during our night stop abroad and she learned to swim after long trouble.

Love above the clouds

In once flight, which was from Jakarta / Kuala Lumpur / Dubai, I noticed children playing with 4 Hamsters near the emergency exit, I was surprised how they were allowed to carry it to the cabin of the plane, I talked with my fellow hosts about that, and they went to see that. Sometime after, One of the hostesses was crying so hard, she went to the plane's kitchen and kept crying .. I went to her and asked her what the reason for crying !!

Ooh, She told me that she loves him. I asked who? the Hamsters!!

I didn't believe that. She told me, she would like to have one from the children to take it home.

I laughed so hard, but I did what makes her happy. I went to the children and told them the story. They gave me one Hamster. Then I gave it to her. I couldn't believe my eyes. She no longer cried !!

Despite the personal characteristics and different leadership of women in aviation... But I trust them and love to work with them despite all the difficulties that I may face from working with them... They are strong competitors, they  accomplish work with some fun.


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