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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Designing, Developing, and Updating Manuals for New Airlines


operations Manuals

New airlines need to prepare operations manuals for the use and guidance of operations staff and to get aircraft operation certificate approval.

Acceptance of the operations manuals by the state regulatory authority is a vital element of the certification and surveillance process.

Well-written operations manuals help airlines improve the quality of work within their organization, help them reduce the number of errors and omissions, and help newly joined employees perform complex tasks quickly and effectively.


For airlines which need to build strong safety culture and maintain compliance systems that deliver operational excellence. We are proud to  prepare and update operations manuals  for them by our expert team. Our team consists of procedures writers, and manual editors who can develop new manuals or review and amend existing manuals efficiently.

We will schedule an online business meeting to discuss your needs and your suggestions.

We will form a work team until you get the approval for every single manual by your civil aviation authority. Not only this, but our services will continue with you for six months for free.


Why Aviation Professional?

Because we maintain confidentiality, flexibility, and quality in our work. 

Our price is very competitive.

Manual Reviews and Revisions

Our services include:

 Manual realignment for recertification under a new regulatory framework

 Manual content upgrade to meet IOSA audit requirements.


Operations Manuals Templates

Aviation Professional also offers many airline's operations manuals templates for sale or we can give an expert customized service, tailoring them for each airline.

For any manual that is not already have a template, we will prepare a new manual.


We can give manuals for the following:

Safety and Quality Assurance

Safety & Quality Assurance Manual

Template Available

Emergency Response Manual

Template not available yet

Safety Management System Manual

Template Available


Aviation Security

Aviation Security Program Manual

Template Available


Flight Operations

Aircraft Operations Manual- PART A

Template Available

Aircraft Operations Manual- PART B

Template not available yet

Aircraft Operations Manual- PART C

Template not available yet

Aircraft Operations Manual- PART D

Template not available yet


Operations Control

Flight Dispatch Manual

Template not available yet




Ground and Cargo Handling

Dangerous Goods Manual

Template not available yet

Ground Handling Manual

Template Available

Air Cargo Handling Manual

Template Available


Cabin Crew

Flight Attendant Policy and Safety Procedures Manual

Template not available yet



You can download a sample of our work " SMS Manual Template Free".


Contact us for a business deal here.


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