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Thursday, 7 January 2021

10 Best Customer Services Tips for Flight Attendants

10 Best Customer Services

Customer services is the act of taking care of the customer's needs. For airlines customer services mean providing and delivering safe, professional, helpful, high quality services and assistance to passengers . These services delivered to passengers before, during, and after a flight. 

The contact with the passenger starts from the time he makes inquiry, bookings, his ticketed, checked in, and while boarding aircraft. Once he is on board aircraft, he spends much more time onboard than all the other services put together. 

Flight attendants must adopt more professional and dedicated attitudes from the moment the customer boards the flight until he disembarks.

Customer services skills are highly required from frontline airline customer service professionals, such as Ticket Reservation Staff, Check-in Agents, and Flight Attendants.

In this article, I will try to write about the best customer services tips to help new flight attendants improving their customer services skills which can lead to happier customers, better travel experiences, and improved service ratings of their airlines.

Note :

Customer = Passenger = PAX

Him = Him/ Her

Importance of Customer Services in Airline Sector

As competition in the airline sector has become very intense.  Airlines are giving more and more importance to customer services "care" as they are the main key element towards raising airlines' competitive position in the market.

Why Customer Services Skills Are Important for Flight Attendants?

Airline is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and ambitious flight attendant. It's clearly written in the flight attendant job description that the responsibility is to make sure of safety and comfort of the airline's passengers. Flight attendant should practicing excellent customer services that leads to customer satisfaction.

Flight attendant should hold excellent customer services skills that help them to meet passengers needs. For example, " speaking clearly, listening attentively, and interacting comfortably with airline's passengers and other airline crew. 


Is Customer Always Right?

I had a long debate with one of my colleague about this subject. She usually says airline customer is always right and this is what she learnt. She is working as a reservation agent for a long time. Through my experience working as cabin crew member, I met many passengers with the disruptive behavior onboard aircraft during my previous job [ cabin crew member].  I brought that debate to an end by realizing that " if the airline's passenger always right, the Tokyo Convention will not give the pilot-in-command the right to restrain him if his behavior endanger the safety of passengers and crew.

Best Customer Service Tips

The following is the best customer services tips that help flight attendants improve their customer services skills:

1- Excellent Appearance

Due to the importance of personal appearance the first customer services tip is that flight attendant should have an excellent appearance. This helps airline making a good impression on its customers (Passengers). Each airline has its dress code which must be followed by flight attendants.

Having a professional appearance show a good image about the airline and represent it internationally.

Most airline forbids flight attendants from wearing excessive jewelry while they are in uniform.

2- Good Job knowledge

The fact Is that some airline customers (such as frequent flyers) evaluate flight attendant job  knowledge (skills and understanding of the work), for this reason, flight attendants  must show that they are professional by following safety regulations and enforcing these regulations in the cabin. Also, doing the same when dealing with customers ( passengers) while serving them.

Flight attendants must balance between safety requirement and customers comfort in a flexible way.


I will give you an example, my travel experience by 5 star airline ( DXB-SIN-2014). Flight attendants serve us good but while landing in Singapore one of them was sleeping on his jump-seat. Do you think that I where satisfied about airline in-flight services, for sure no, that flight attendant was having zero mark in safety!!

The fact is, 5 stars airlines give more attention to quality of services. And the another customer services fact is " what customers (passengers) notice and remember most is how flight attendants do their job and how they act towards customers' needs".

3- Creating A Good First Impression

During passengers (customers) boarding, is the good time to set the tone of excellent customer services by greeting passengers warmly and pleasantly with friendly smile (including hidden smart security screening). A pleasant facial expression makes the customer (pax) sense that both flight attendants as individuals and their airline have an interest in him/her.

The customer services fact " passengers expect to be greeted with pleasant, sincere, warm welcome and cared for as individual. Good customer services delivery means flight attendants are " selling" the airline to passengers.

4- Keeping Communication Clear

Flight attendants should know how to effectively communicate with customers (PAXS). The following guidelines will help them keeping communication clear:

a)    Being Great Listener

Listening intently and truly showing flight attendant professionalism in providing great customer services for passengers ( customers). Listening to passengers make them feel good "because true listening is a care".

In addition, it's very important for flight attendants to know when to listen and when to speak to make a communication clear.


b)    Using a good body language

Body language communicate much more than the actual words we say. Flight attendants should use open and positive body language ( eye contacts, smiley faces ..etc) to keep communication clear and adds to the customer (pax) feeling of value and importance.


c)     Using Positive Verbal Language

First is using the language which is understandable by customers (PAXS). In some cases, flight attendants should have the ability to make minor change in " form" of expression rather than its " content". For example saying [  " No Smoking" while standing on the aisle], flight attendant should say it without letting the passenger feel that F/A is attacking his personally.


d)    Evaluating the Message Not the Passenger (Customer)

Flight attendant must be careful not to use his own basis, personal likes or dislikes, influence his judgment about the information the customer ( passenger) give him.


e)     Test Understanding

Flight attendants should attempting to establish whether or not something said or done by customer ( passenger)


f)      Showing a good prescriptive behavior when:

  •      Disagreeing
  •       Defend
  •       Giving information
  •       Apologizing
  •       Giving advice
  •        Admitting to mistakes
  •        Correcting information
  •      Etc

g)    Give Customer (PAX) Full Attention

Flight attendant must be careful not to give the passenger the impression that his presence is interrupting something more important.

h)    Being Aware of Culture Differences

Flight attendant should learn and understand the culture differences between nations.

i)       Being able to close the conversation

Flight attendant should have the ability to end the conversation in a good manner with confirmed satisfaction and with the passenger feeling that everything has been taken care of ( or will be). 

5- Being Accessible to Customers (PAXS)

One Flight attendant must be accessible to customers (PAXS) during flight. specially, in the long flight, they must walk through the cabin frequently to help passengers with their needs. The fact is , not all passengers prefer to make flight attendant call.

6- Showing Good Stress Management

Flight attendant should have the ability to perform their safety and customer services duties efficiently under emergency or adverse conditions.

7- Being Strict While Dealing with Unruly Customer (Passenger)

Flight attendant should follow the security guidelines regarding disruptive behavior onboard in the early stage. Unruly customer (Unruly Passenger) the only customer that is not always right.

8- Response to the Customer (Passenger) Complaints

Flight attendants should show initiative in acting on suggestion or complaints from passenger. And should endeavor, insofar as possible, to resolve any actual or imagined irregularities or service deficiencies to which passengers may call attention.

9- Showing Positive Attitude

The most important factor in customer services is f/a positive attitude while dealing with customers( passengers) face to face. they should  :

  •       Being calming presence
  •       Keeping their promise
  •       Being honest
  •       Being friendly
  •       Being flexible
  •       Being patient
  •    ..Etc

10 - Willingness to learn

Learning from mistakes and seeking to improve their customer services skills by continuance learning habit.



Airlines provide its customers with a good quality services, but at the same time, front line customer services agents such as flight attendants may fail to give attention "care" to airline's customers (passengers). Flight attendants should deal with customer with best customer services tips which already mentioned above.

Please do not hesitate to write you comments down and share your valuable customer services experience with us.

Aviation Professional website welcome you again and again.







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