Hazard Class 3 | Flammable Liquids

Dangerous Goods Class 3

Hazard Class 3 include the following substances :

1- Flammable liquids

2-Liquids desensitized explosives.

These liquids are explosive substances that are dissolved or suspended in water or other liquids substances to form a homogeneous liquid mixture to suppress their explosive properties. You may ask what kind of substances are those?

Well, I will give you one example:

UN 3064, Nitroglycerin solution in alcohol ( in certain concentration as stated in IATA DGR Book). Don't assume that air travel is not safe. It is safe, UN 3064 is not permitted to be carried on passenger aircraft, it is accepted for carriage on cargo aircraft only.

 DG Class 3 IATA  code - IMP

IATA Cargo Interline Message Procedure (IMP) codes to indicate the class/division of dangerous goods contained in the ULD, or in the aircraft cargo compartment ( bulky aircraft).

Dangerous goods class 3 flammable liquids have RFL - IMP Code.

R - Restricted

F- Flammable

L- Liquids  

You got it, right.

Dangerous Goods Class 3 - Hazard Label

hazmat CLASS placard
DG Class 3 Label

DG Class 3 Packing Groups

Flammable liquids are assigned to the packing group - UN packing group -  according to a flashpoint and the boiling point of the liquid. UN packaging requirements are mandatory, for this reasons dangerous goods packages must undergo UN packaging testing before it is used for International dangerous goods shipping.  

This table is used to determine the packing group of a liquid that presents a hazard only due to flammability.  

Packing group


Flash point (closed-cup)


Initial boiling point




≤35 °C


<23 °C 

>35 °C


≥23 °C but ≤60 °C

>35 °C 

Packing Group I: High danger

Assigned to flammable liquids with an initial boiling point less than or equal to 35°C
Examples: UN 1302, Vinyl ethyl, stabilized, packing group 1.

Packing Group II: Medium danger

Assigned to flammable liquids with a flashpoint less than 23°C and an initial boiling point of greater than 35°C.
Examples: kerosene oil is classified as Acetone oil, UN,1091, packing group II.

Packing Group III: Low danger

Assigned to flammable liquids with a flash point greater-than-or-equal-to 23°C but less-than-or-equal-to 60°C and an initial boiling point of greater than 35°C.
Examples: UN 1223, kerosene , packing group III.

Hazard Class 3 must be segregated from DG class 5 , division 2 oxidizers..

Maged Saeed AL-Hadabi

Air Cargo / IATA Dangerous Goods | CGO, DGR, SMS Chief Instructor | Internal Auditor | DG Inspector linkedin

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