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Airside Safety | List of Reportable Occurrences or Hazards.

Airside Safety

Safety Reports

Airside Safety Reports shall be raised by airside personnel in the instance of any ground safety occurrence which has had, or may have, an impact on operational, or aviation safety.

 List of Airside Safety Reportable Occurrences or Hazards

The list below can be used as a guideline and is not exhaustive. Airside Personnel may report any occurrence, incident, accident or hazard identified not listed below.

 Ground & Ramp Handling

®   Aerobridge / Jetty / Stairs

®   Aircraft evacuation

®   Aircraft damage

®   Aircraft handling / servicing

®   Baggage handling

®   Collision on ground

®   Dangerous goods incidents

®   De-icing related

®   Equipment serviceability

®   Equipment misuse Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Ground Service Equipment (GSE)

®   Emergency situations

®   Fire, smoke, or warning, or noxious fumes

®   Foreign object damage

®   Fuel related

®   Ground equipment un-secure / defective

®   Ground service equipment (powered and unattended; driven by staff without valid license or training)

®   Inadvertent slide deployment

®   Incorrect fuel loading

®   Improper Loading / Unloading

®   Load control

®   Passenger Handling

®   Ramp safety

®   Unsafe baggage handling

®   Unsafe passenger handling.

 Air Cargo Handling

®    Improper cargo loading/unloading

®    Improper cargo packing and stowage

®    Incorrect declaration of cargo weights to load control

®    Damage to general or special cargo

®   Dangerous Goods damage, leakage or spillages on ground and in the aircraft hold

®    Incorrect Dangerous Goods declaration on NOTOC / DCS system

®    Incorrect loading of Dangerous Goods shipments / loading compatibility

®    Dangerous goods incidents

®    Mix load of perishables and DGR cargo or AVI in the same aircraft hold

®    Exceeding the maximum ULD weight or the aircraft position weight

®    Improper build up of ULD’s at origin (ULDS not lashed/secured) which causes a movement in air and damages the hold panels

®    Damaged ULD used for cargo loading (involving or not damages to hold/side walls of the aircraft)

®   Live Animals.


®    Human Factors

®    Faulty or misuse of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

 Procedures and Standards (examples)

®    Inadequate procedures

®    Conflicting procedures

®    Wrong documents, manuals or procedures in use

®    Inadequate tools and material

®    Areas of improvement.

 Further reading:

ANNEX I, Occurrences Related to The Operation of The Aircraft, Commission Implementing Regulation (Eu) 2015/1018. Click Here