Airport Safety | List of Reportable Occurrences or Hazards.

Airside Safety

In airports air-side Safety Reports shall be raised by air-side personnel in the instance of any ground safety occurrence which has had, or may have, an impact on operational, or airport safety management.

 List of Air-side Safety Reportable Occurrences or Hazards

The list below can be used as a guideline and is not exhaustive. Air-side Personnel may report any occurrence, incident, accident or hazard identified not listed below.

 Ground & Ramp Handling

®   Aerobridge / Jetty / Stairs

®   Aircraft evacuation

®   Aircraft damage

®   Aircraft handling / servicing

®   Baggage handling

®   Collision on ground

®   Dangerous goods incidents

®   De-icing related

®   Equipment serviceability

®   Equipment misuse Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Ground Service Equipment (GSE)

®   Emergency situations in airport. 

®   Fire, smoke, or warning, or noxious fumes

®   Foreign object damage

®   Fuel related

®   Ground equipment un-secure / defective

®   Ground service equipment (powered and unattended; driven by staff without valid license or training)

®   Inadvertent slide deployment

®   Incorrect fuel loading

®   Improper Loading / Unloading

®   Load control

®   Passenger Handling

®   Airport Ramp safety

®   Unsafe baggage handling

®   Unsafe passenger handling.

 Air Cargo Handling

®    Improper cargo loading/unloading

®    Improper cargo packing and stowage

®    Incorrect declaration of cargo weights to load control

®    Damage to general or special cargo

®   Dangerous Goods damage, leakage or spillages on ground and in the aircraft hold

®    Incorrect Dangerous Goods declaration on NOTOC / DCS system

®    Incorrect loading of Dangerous Goods shipments / loading compatibility

®    Dangerous goods incidents at airport.

®    Mix load of perishables and DGR cargo or AVI in the same aircraft hold

®    Exceeding the maximum ULD weight or the aircraft position weight

®    Improper build up of ULD’s at origin (ULDS not lashed/secured) which causes a movement in air and damages the hold panels

®    Damaged ULD used for cargo loading (involving or not damages to hold/side walls of the aircraft)

®   Live Animals.


®    Human Factors

®    Faulty or misuse of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

 Procedures and Standards (examples)

®    Inadequate procedures

®    Conflicting procedures

®    Wrong documents, manuals or procedures in use

®    Inadequate tools and material

®    Areas of improvement.

 Further reading:

ANNEX I, Occurrences Related to The Operation of The Aircraft, Commission Implementing Regulation (Eu) 2015/1018.

Maged Saeed AL-Hadabi

I’m Instructor / Maged Saeed Al-Hadabi. ​ Air Cargo / IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations / Safety Management System Senior Instructor, Auditor [ Yemen Airways] . Approved IATA DGR/ SMS Instructor by Yemen Civil Aviation Authority.

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